Save Money While Travelling

Travelling in off season proves to be the number-one tip. If you are travelling during the high season or the holidays, Accommodations, tours, food and even the food would cost much for your planned trip. Do a bit of research and see what is the best time to visit, it’ll be the month before or after tourist season kicks off. In most of the cases off-season is either scorching hot or monsoon in many places so not always a good choice. Though those times are fun to travel too.

When you are traveling on vacation, it’s easy to overspend and forget about your budget. You must try to stick to your budget. You can be entitled to great deals when you stay at the same hotel or the same hotel chain every time you travel. Joining the rewards programs for the majority of hotels, especially hotel chains could be very beneficial. Accumulating points or shopping with a hotel partner could earn you a free hotel stay. You can always keep an eye out special for deals and coupons for your vacation destination. Always visit our website Rodeway Inn & Suites and Extended Stay Hotel for exciting offers to stay at our Hotel in New Platz, NY.